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Steve Whyte's writing is a mesmerizing tapestry of words that weaves together stories of profound depth and emotive resonance. As an accomplished author, Steve's literary creations effortlessly transport readers to captivating worlds and thought-provoking realms, leaving an indelible mark on their hearts and minds. With a masterful command over language and storytelling, Steve infuses each sentence with a rich tapestry of emotions, drawing readers into the intricate landscapes of his narratives. His words possess the power to inspire hope, evoke introspection, and touch the deepest corners of the soul. Through his diverse body of work, Steve explores a wide range of themes, from personal triumphs and heartaches to universal human experiences. He delves into the complexities of life, shedding light on the delicate balance between joy and sorrow, love and loss, growth and healing.

Steve's writing transcends mere entertainment; it serves as a conduit for profound exploration and introspection. He fearlessly delves into the human condition, offering readers a mirror to their own lives and emotions. In his stories, readers find solace, empathy, and a profound sense of connection to the characters and the world he creates. From novels that delve into the human psyche to reflective tales that invite readers to explore their innermost thoughts, Steve's writing encompasses a diverse range of genres and themes. Regardless of the subject matter, his writing resonates with authenticity and raw honesty, making it both relatable and captivating to readers from all walks of life. Steve's words are imbued with a sense of purpose and compassion, driven by his personal experiences and a deep understanding of the human spirit. He shares stories of hope, healing, and resilience, guiding readers through emotional landscapes with sensitivity and grace. As readers immerse themselves in the realms of Steve Whyte's writing, they embark on transformative journeys of self-discovery, enlightenment, and empowerment. Through the power of his prose, Steve invites readers to embrace the complexity of their own stories, fostering a profound sense of introspection and growth.

With every turn of the page, Steve Whyte's writing leaves an indelible impression, illuminating the human experience in all its splendor and vulnerability. As a storyteller, he creates a symphony of emotions that lingers long after the final word, inspiring readers to embrace life's challenges and triumphs with courage and compassion.

Book I in ‘The Throne Chronicles’, I paint a picture, but leave just enough space on the canvas for your imagination to fill in the gaps, between the subtle, but descriptive shades of grey. It may be that the missing gaps are your own personal identification within the story itself, or that you find something much deeper within the spaces between the text, and the years of dissection it may take to read between the lines. It is a journey of discovery, art and expressive dialogue, from an introverted spirit, presented to you, for you, in a unique, yet powerful way. And this one isn’t a ‘once upon a time’  kind of story. Get ready to experience written words on a personal level, in a way like never before. It is time to relinquish old throne authority, and I don’t want you to be gentle with this one. Write in it, fold it, highlight it, carry it around with you, and go to war with the pages. A book that is broken usually belongs to someone who isn’t.


It cannot wait to read you.


Book II in ‘The Throne Chronicles’, I build upon your painted story with deeper shades of grey. I give words to your unexpressed and misunderstood feelings, and journey within you to a place beyond the limitations of a superficial world. Beyond your palace walls you journey on to broken lands in a quest to confront, with intimacy the hidden parts of your story, only to be stranded in the deepest wilderness you’ve ever known. There was a shift in the atmosphere which forced you into exile, unwanted encounters with new characters and faced with new demons.


You prepare for battle, but it isn’t all smooth sailing, as you once again lose the crown, and are called to the internal war of a lifetime, with the hopes to truly heal and be free, while trying to regain the thing that you’ve never had.


It cannot wait to read you.


Book III in ‘The Throne Chronicles’, you're caught in the middle of a war for the throne of your own soul, somehow you defy the laws of gravity, finding yourself caught between two worlds; life and death. Upon regaining your consciousness, you realise that you have not been conscious all along. Instead, you’ve been half-living the reflection of a life bound by projections of who the world thinks that you should be. Learned habits and soul-shaping from trauma, generational curses and toxic programming, all a part of the alliance that fears your own acknowledgement of your Royal Inheritance. Journeying into familiar, but foreign lands in this thrilling adventure, on a quest to find yourself between the pages of your own story, in a captivating world beyond your senses, diving deeper into the very makings of all that you are; Royalty. The story reaches its climax in an unfathomable way, is clothed in tragedy, love, pain, and freedom, while depicting a grey, but detailed snapshot of the human experience. This window of divine introspection hinges on the wall of your willingness to win the war for your soul, in this journey to the end.


It cannot wait to read you.

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Book IV in ‘The Throne Chronicles’, you awake to find yourself in a new world, unaware of anything. You have no remembrance of all that has happened, yet subtitle signs present themselves proposing the possibility that it hasn’t happened yet. You go on a quest outside of time on a thrilling journey on the loop of time, transporting in a dreamlike reality in a world where you are still affected by your trauma, but also numb to it due to the regal within your heart. A mind boggling spinoff of the series which takes you to the the deepest part of your consciousness; perhaps even beyond in this journey towards or from the crown.


It cannot wait to read you.


why are your books not on amazon or any other bookstores?

When I first started my writing journey, I wrote freely, without expectation or societal pressures to be famous, rich or the most seen. This freedom was placed mostly into my quotes, blogs and articles, and it allowed me to express all that was on my heart in any creative way that the art chose to flow. As my blogs evolved into books, this theme continued, and I saw quite early on that my books wouldn't fit the corporate requirements to host them in stores nor on external platforms. My style is expansive and somewhat rebellious. I don't follow all of the traditional rules of writing, and the formatting of my art is very meticulous, with the aim to give the reader 'the full experience'. I have nothing against these alternative retailers, I just value the independence of my brand, and the interdependence that I can have with my lovely readership.

Does this mean that less people see my work? maybe. Does this bother me? no. 

I'm just happy you're not one of them.


why do you not sell ebooks? 

I am a very analog kinda guy. Don't get me wrong, I do have a smartphone and I do love tech. But when it comes to the aesthetics of some things, I rarely compromise for the sake of convenience or societal norms. Books are one of those things for me. Nothing can replace the experience of holding a 'real' good book. The memories they contain over time can only last in the folds and within the natural ageing process of a book. My books are designed carefully for the reader to experience not just the words, but the feeling, smells and sounds of the pages. I leave spaces to journal and highlight, to cross reference; sometimes even encourage readers to rip out certain pages and stick them on a wall. Each page welcomes readers to contribute their scribbles and inscriptions, to read, reflect, and write notes directly onto them. They can doodle in it, colour in an illustration, write a love note to the next reader, press flowers onto their favourite page and truly become intimate with the pages. My books are designed to tap into the intangibles, while simultaneously entering into my reader's tangible space, giving them the full sensory experience.


The aesthetics of my art is 50% of my process, and every book is designed with precision and intentional application.

...and they have been occupying bedside tables ever since.

are your books available worldwide? 

Yes. I value my international readership and for this reason we ship worldwide directly from our bookstore. You can have your orders delivered to a home or work address that's convenient for you. We can deliver to BFPO (British Forces Post Office), but we are unable to deliver to PO Boxes, Hospitals, Airports and Prisons. You can enter delivery instructions when you're placing your order e.g. "leave with neighbour in flat 1". However Steve Whyte Group are not liable for any parcels that are lost or stolen if specific delivery instructions are left for the carrier.


With UK orders, deliveries are within 5-7 working days of placing your order. 

We are unable to deliver on Bank Holidays and weekends so please allow an extra working days for this.


Deliveries to the following locations may take up to two working days longer:

The Scottish Highlands & Islands. The Isle of Wight. The Isle of Man. Northern Ireland


International Standard Delivery (Outside The UK):

Delivery times and charges vary depending on the destination country.

Girl in Library

why do you not list all of your books on the bookstore? 

I have learned over the years that too much choice can be a bad thing, and along with that, every single day someone asks me 'which one of your books should I read first?' and I rarely have an adequate answer. It shouldn't be this complicated, and for this reason, I have simplified the process and decided to list my projects seasonally to make it easier for all. This allows my readers to enjoy each project in its entirety, without feeling the pressure to 'catch up'. I don't want any of my network to experience the 'Fear of Missing Out' FOMO, by visiting my site. 


You're not missing out on anything. In the right season, what you're looking for will find you. 

Experience the personalized touch of every book you acquire from us. Our books not only exemplify unparalleled quality but also champion environmental friendliness. Upon arrival, the fresh ink aroma will confirm their pristine, brand-new condition. When you entrust us with your order, rest assured that your book is meticulously crafted from inception, undergoes printing and binding, and is promptly dispatched to your doorstep. Our global print facilities span the world, encompassing locations in France, India, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States. Your book is painstakingly created and shipped from the nearest location, reinforcing our unwavering commitment to sustainability.


This translates to the uniqueness of each book, with your assurance that it won't languish forgotten in some dusty warehouse. At Crown, we prioritize every detail. We aspire to offer a personal touch while forging a partnership with our printers that is dedicated to improving the world, one book at a time. Our dedication to sustainable practices, innovative print-on-demand solutions, and unwavering service excellence align with our coveted status as a Certified B Corporation. Our printers are firmly aligned with our ethos of purpose-driven profit, emphasizing sustainability and upholding the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility.


By selecting our print-on-demand service, you make a substantial contribution to reducing paper wastage. We only print copies as needed, eradicating the need for excessive print runs and surplus inventory, often destined for waste. This approach not only reduces energy consumption but also slashes carbon emissions linked to conventional printing methods such as offset printing. Moreover, print-on-demand allows us to embrace recycled and sustainable paper choices, further diminishing our environmental footprint. Ultimately, our adoption of this eco-friendly approach ensures that both you, our esteemed customer, and us, as providers, play a pivotal role in forest preservation, greenhouse gas reduction, and the embodiment of sustainable practices—a compelling proposition for eco-conscious consumers.


We extend our heartfelt gratitude for being an integral part of our journey towards a more sustainable future. Thank you for your essential role in this mission.

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