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Not your average memoir, “Monochrome”, by author Steve Whyte is an intimate masterpiece and breathtaking look into the layered story of Steve Whyte. Following the “Crown anthology” his series of reflective novels, Steve once again taps into the depths of human experience - only this time he is the main character. But this was not the beginning - written in secret, “Monochrome” was a five year journey of planning, documenting, and truly embracing the beauty in the grey area - Steve described it as ‘therapy’ and ‘his most important work yet.’


“Monochrome” is not a typical tell all story but rather a gallery of stories, memories, nostalgia and events poetically displayed; each line a brush stroke and each chapter a painting. With these pages we are invited into the monochromatic world of Steve Whyte, his inner workings, his foundation, values, and into a heart that has truly been through more than any heart should and yet still chooses love. We are blessed with a story of a life that has been to war over and over again and still chooses gentleness. “Monochrome” is an invitation for you to open your heart and shift your perspective.


You too can find beauty in the grey area.


  • foreword. - by danielle lewis.
  • acknowledgement. - by dr.thema.

monochrome. the memoir. (eBook)

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