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You may be here right now because you are struggling, feeling lost, anxious, depressed, overwhelmed, numb, confused or just stuck in your life. It’s ok. It is so easy to think that you are the only one feeling like you do, and it can get very lonely feeling trapped in the same cycle of your life. Maybe you feel confused, heartbroken, as though your life is not progressing in the way you thought it would, or that you’re always triggered and stuck in the pain and sadness of your past. These above experiences are quite common and I want you to know that you are not alone, and that this may be the sign that you’ve been waiting for.


I’m Steve Whyte, Author of ‘Crown’ and the founder of Crown Ink. I have spent over a decade serving and supporting people just like you, and my works have taken me all around the world, working with people from all walks of life. 


I have been a part of the self-help world, giving generic life-coaching and goal setting sessions, the keynotes, the masterclasses etc. But when I first started talking about my new book Crown, I saw that the ‘self-help’ message wasn’t balanced, and that there is another side to life beyond just practical steps to make anything happen. There is healing. Too often people try to get us to take action and be productive, be the best versions of ourselves, without really considering feelings, the present moment and how that impacts us. Crown really opened up the other side of the equation and gave people the space to feel, unpack and begin their journey of healing; a safe space.


In identifying this real need in humanity for healing, I decided to open back up my therapy sessions to extend this safe space to someone like you. I’d love to work with you in a non-pressured environment to help you to rediscover that hope, self-love and peace. Not ego-gratifying success, just a tiny safe corner in this world where you can truly be you. 


Whether you feel you need emotional healing, to build a healthy self love, to learn new creative ways of expression, or want to talk things through with someone who hears and understands you, I believe that with both my professional and personal lived experience, I can assist you on your healing journey.


I look forward to seeing you on the other side.

// this is not how your story ends;

crown therapy.

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