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// reinvent yourself by steve whyte

At the end of 2021, I shot a short film detailing my journey over the past 5 years and illustrated that despite the difficulties that we may face within life, it is never too late to reinvent ourselves. The world has seen a shift and this global pandemic has caused much disruption to the lives of many, through bereavement, loss of identity, both mental and physical health, and an altered perspective of politics and power dynamics. I personally have lost close friends to this virus, and know many other who have been negatively impacted. It brings much sadness when the fragility of life is broadcasted daily within our lives, yet fills me a deeper and greater sense of appreciation for the luxury that is breath and life.

This isn't going to be a long read, more just a thank you message to everyone who has supported me and my works over the years. This journey I'm on doesn't come from the perspective of a finished product, rather one who is still travelling the path of healing and personal growth alongside you. I'd also like to commend you for the courage you have shown to navigate this life and challenging time. While we have all gone through it together, we all have gone through it alone too, and experience this shift differently. To those of you who have lost people dear to your heart, I send out my love and deepest condolences. I hope you find peace and that you create a safe space to mourn and be still with your process of healing. I hope this process can be as gentle as possible for you. To those who are excited about the new year and all that it may bring, I salute your optimism and magnify your hope and passions. To everyone who has reached out and been a part of my personal journey, to the silent supporters, and everyone in-between. I thank you.

I wish you all a safe and happy new year and much blessings for 2022.

Much love

Steve Whyte


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