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Steve believes that everyone has the power to write their own story and encourages all to embrace their divine royalty and unique gifts. Steve’s focus is on bringing awareness to the importance of feelings, removing shame and stigmas surrounding them, and tapping into the strength in vulnerability. Steve is passionate about mental health, and by mental health he doesn't just focus on poor mental health or cure, rather good mental health and prevention. Through Steve's events, he illuminates the raw thoughts and feelings that may come with it, while providing a safe place free of shame and judgment; because we all feel. As someone who has experienced struggles with his own mental health first-hand, Steve has an impeccable ability to not only empathise with others, but to give a voice to those who may not have the words to speak on the complexities of their own thoughts and emotions.

This is illustrated in his reflective novel “crown”.

While Steve’s primary focus is on fostering healing through his written works, he is open to select private and public events surrounding mental health, holistic healing, self-awareness and self-love. He enjoys genuine, authentic conversations in relaxed environments where everyone is viewed as an individual and celebrated as royalty. 

If you are interested in booking Steve, he is available for the following events:

 - Book Signings

 - Schools/College/University Visits

 - Podcast/Interviews/Panel Discussions

 - Seminars

 - Webinars

 - Workshops

 - Conferences

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