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Steve Whyte, author, founder of 'crown ink', and host of the 'crown podcast'. Steve is an enigmatic wordsmith, weaving tales that traverse the ethereal realms of imagination and dive deep into the heart's most profound depths. With each stroke of his pen, he crafts a tapestry of emotions that dance gracefully, just like a gentle breeze upon a sun-kissed meadow. Like a symphony conductor, he orchestrates the cadence of his stories, creating a melodic harmony that resonates with readers' souls. Through the ticking of seconds and the cascading of minutes, Steve's narratives take readers on a journey, guiding them through worlds where moonlight bathes in golden hues, and uncertainty looms like a foggy mist.


His unique style transports readers to places both familiar and foreign, evoking nostalgia for moments not yet lived and capturing the essence of emotions that linger long after the final word. Steve Whyte, a prolific author hailing from the UK, serves as a beacon of hope for countless individuals. With sixteen published books under his belt, he masterfully employs the art of writing to inspire and uplift. As the visionary Founder and Executive Producer of Crown Ink-orporated, a production company focused on ethical storytelling, Steve's impact goes beyond the written word. Over the span of a decade, Steve has traversed various continents, sharing his books with audiences far and wide. His mission is to touch the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, offering healing, hope, and love. Drawing from his own experiences of abuse, affliction, addiction, and the heart-wrenching loss of his daughter, Steve's message is steeped in authenticity and vulnerability.

In his books, he creates safe spaces for readers to explore their emotions without guilt, shame, or fear. Steve's passion lies in serving those who have faced trauma, adverse circumstances, and struggles with self-worth. Through his work, he empowers individuals to find healing and growth within themselves, unlocking the untapped reservoirs of strength and potential. After undergoing a mental health breakdown in 2015, Steve took a well-deserved hiatus and returned to the literary world with his twelfth book, "The Suicide Note." Following four years of reflection, he dedicated his subsequent book, "Crown," to his son, making it a part of "The Throne Chronicles" series, a profound and introspective journey for readers.

Steve's intention was clear - he wanted to go beyond the realm of generic self-help and create something raw, powerful, and impactful. With "Crown" as a "reflective novel," he crafted a tale where the reader is the main character, embarking on a deeply personal journey of healing and self-discovery. As readers engage with the story, they find themselves drawing parallels to their own lives, identifying their value, embracing their inherent worth, and living purposefully beyond their past traumas.

Through his writings, events, and guest appearances, Steve imparts wisdom, perspective, and love to help others live authentically, embracing a fulfilling life of freedom. His storytelling transcends boundaries, igniting the flames of hope in the hearts of all who encounter his work.

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