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Book III in ‘The Throne Chronicles’, you're caught in the middle of a war for the throne of your own soul, somehow you defy the laws of gravity, finding yourself caught between two worlds; life and death. Upon regaining your consciousness, you realise that you have not been conscious all along. Instead, you’ve been half-living the reflection of a life bound by projections of who the world thinks that you should be. Learned habits and soul-shaping from trauma, generational curses and toxic programming, all a part of the alliance that fears your own acknowledgement of your Royal Inheritance. Journeying into familiar, but foreign lands in this thrilling adventure, on a quest to find yourself between the pages of your own story, in a captivating world beyond your senses, diving deeper into the very makings of all that you are; Royalty. The story reaches its climax in an unfathomable way, is clothed in tragedy, love, pain, and freedom, while depicting a grey, but detailed snapshot of the human experience. This window of divine introspection hinges on the wall of your willingness to win the war for your soul, in this journey to the end. It cannot wait to read you.

Crown III

SKU: 59wmm
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