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Book I in ‘The Throne Chronicles’, I paint a picture, but leave just enough space on the canvas for your imagination to fill in the gaps, between the subtle, but descriptive shades of grey. It may be that the missing gaps are your own personal identification within the story itself, or that you find something much deeper within the spaces between the text, and the years of dissection it may take to read between the lines. It is a journey of discovery, art and expressive dialogue, from an introverted spirit, presented to you, for you, in a unique, yet powerful way. And this one isn’t a ‘once upon a time’ kind of story. Get ready to experience written words on a personal level, in a way like never before. It is time to relinquish old throne authority, and I don’t want you to be gentle with this one. Write in it, fold it, highlight it, carry it around with you, and go to war with the pages. A book that is broken usually belongs to someone who isn’t. It cannot wait to read you.


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