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Steve Whyte, author, founder of 'crown ink', and host of the 'crown podcast'. Steve is passionate about mental health, serving those from adverse circumstances and the healing of the human heart. As a creator, Steve uses various mediums to display his storytelling, helping his audience to see the beauty in the grey area, encouraging them gently with hope that they too will see, feel and believe that this is not how their story ends;

"Crown was a very refreshing experience. The descriptions are heartfelt, relatable and quite genius. Steve has a gift of putting words to feelings and making it all make sense. I highly recommend this read, as I have never read a book like this before. Incredible."


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'a reflective novel where the main character is you'

'The Throne Chronicles' is a reflective story about you, based in a dystopian world on a quest to heal and discover your true royalty. It's a journey across several books about self-love, self-worth, and hope, wrapped up in fantasy, mystery and poetic alchemy. This journey isn't generic self-help, nor is it as simple as temporary empowerment, rather, it is a deeper journey which is much more raw, impactful, powerful, and meaningful than self-success and ego-driven gratification; one that calls for you to embark on a journey of intimacy with yourself towards healing. I wanted you to enjoy the story, but also to draw parallels with your own life in the process, with the aim to truly identifying your value, accepting your inherit worth and living a purposeful life beyond your trauma.