My name is Steve Whyte and I’m a 15x Author, who uses the art of writing to inspire hope in individuals. I am also the CEO of Better Days Global, and Pixel Media Global, and through everything that I create, Storytelling is at the heart of it all. I have worn many hats over the years, however, through experience, growth and being shaped by the seasons of my life, I was willing to sacrifice it all to do what I love; which is to write. I am passionate about the artistic nature of words, and I use them to serve those who feel defeated, hopeless and confused by the often unfathomable feelings that we all experience.


My message is rooted in my own story of abuse, affliction, addiction, bereavement; including the loss of my Daughter, both Physical and Mental Health. Through my books, I share my message of Healing, Hope, Love and Joy, and am passionate about serving those who have suffered trauma, adverse circumstances, a loss of identity and those who have struggles with their self-worth. I believe that every individual has within themselves the power and capacity to find healing and growth, and through my art, I hope that I can help you to experience your better days, living a more authentic and fulfilling life.

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