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Steve Whyte is an international inspiration! Thank you for allowing God to use you, I've been truly blessed by you!

Michelle Williams

Singer | Actress (Formerly A Member of Destinys Child)

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Steve Whyte emphatically delivers with full authority within the extensive capacity of his informatively uplifting endeavors which he embarks upon, whether his Award-winning inspirational bestselling books to his stunningly eloquent, sought-after self-help articles, which tackle and decode prominent developmental issues which resonate universally with audiences around the world. The immaculate level of authenticity, exception and detail perennially remains of first class for this well-respected creative.


A class act with real-life stories to inspire the world until the end of time, Steve first came to my undivided attention when the Editor-In-Chief of an Award-winning magazine whom I previously served for sought the essense of greater inspirational and motivational content within the publication and Steve Whyte effectively ticked all boxes and more; thus providing superb guest columns which inspired and brought optimism to millions of lives.


Steve from afar exudes the consummate professionalism that many individuals strive for and this literature champion has achieved ongoing success, surpassing all expectations, by simply being himself and by applying endless dedication, intellect and passion to create an unrivalled recipe for success which continues to wow the entire world. An inspirational and multi-talented pro's pro who can add vigorous strength, appeal and credibility to any high-profile brand or reputable live event. A winner.

Dean Perretta

Fox Sports Radio Broadcast Journalist/Reporter

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When Steve asked me to write the foreword for his book "The Suicide Note",

I jumped at the chance. In his work, he takes each and every one of us into consideration, regardless of ethnic background, financial standings, or past histories. Mental Health and the stigma aound it has never stopped at one demographic, that's why I can only applaud Steve for doing his part in

his efforts to reach out and help others.

Drew Sullivan

Olympian | Founder of DS8 Elite Academy and Drewjitsu RGA


Steve has a powerful story which he has chosen to share so that he can support others. The way he writes and the way he speaks holds your attention and keeps you engaged. It is no longer about him and his story but you and yours and how you can learn, grow and develop. A fantastic coach. He gives meaningful and practical advice and guidance, and is a powerful motivator.

Zoe Thompson

Founder of Phoenix Life Coaching


I first picked up Steve's book lacking direction, he has an amazing story which he has chosen to share that builds motivation, and gives self belief. Engaging, motivational and above all enables you to develop and grow, moving away from his story to how you can create your own path.


A great all round life coach, that can provide motivation and insight of how to overcome anything.

Jamie Husband


Steve Whyte is a leader in the personal development field and it is a humbling experience to have his expertise on board at In-spire LS Magazine. Steve commits his time to produce high quality and inspirational copy to empower and inspire our readers internationally. Steve is dedicated to improving the lives of others and it is an honour to have him on side.

Sasha Shantel

Founder of In-Spire Lifestyles Magazine