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Today, companies must stand for something in order to effectively influence choice. These days, potential customers have ever increasing expectations for quality. Companies are bound by reputation and performance. So it goes without saying that branding is an essential component to the process of meeting the demands that people have for excellence.


Our branding solution is rooted in experience and creativity. We specialise in simple but effective. We know that developing and establishing your company’s position is a major function and element of marketing because it is synonymous with your image. In other words, your brand is who you are and what sets you apart from other competitors. Every business owner sets out with great ambition and the desire to achieve their goals and see their company prosper. Proper branding will result in higher sales of not only your product or service but your mission and philosophy.


A brand is more than a symbol, a name, or design, it is the identity of your service, product, or company. While the art of branding is not arduous in and of itself, there is indeed a method to establishing a brand’s development that can better be handled by us.


Steve Whyte delivers careful branding management to ensure that your company is properly oriented toward its brand mission, to effectively steer your product or service toward the direction of its target market, and to establish the ultimate goal: brand preference.

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Do you know what your brand says about you? Do you realize you already have a brand in the public eye?  If you’re not sure where you stand, you could be leaving money and impact on the table. In today’s market, creating a unique brand is crucial to your business success. Public impression, social media savvy and press visibility can directly affect your bottom line, but the most important element to me is: presentaton. It is not the ideas that people have that prevent them from succeeding, but their presentation of the ideas.


Throughout my career I have mastered the art of polishing brands and developing elite professionality. My substantial experience in Public Relations, Graphic Design and Brand Strategy and Development, allows you a rare opportunity to work with a respected insider who knows your business first-hand, and the best part is; you don't have to make all of the mistakes I have.