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Steve Will Inspire, Motivate and Ignite Your Audience To Greatness

Building a presentation around your message.


Steve's many and varied roles have taken him around the world to remote, exotic and even dangerous places. His message is simple; victory is a mindset long before it's a result. Steve will work with you to build a theme for your keynote presentation or to build a talk around your message, seamlessly infusing it with his trademark passion, gentleness, inspiration and methodical approach, wrapped in love


You can expect an original and innovative take on your problem, theme or suggestion and, with that, buckets of motivational energy. Steve recounts tales of his varied and interesting life and draws them back to your message, with engaging dialogue for good measure, to keep the audience listening. Audiences can benefit from Steve's valuable insight and practical advice, and his presence at events helps inspire and stimulate people at all levels.


Steve's powerful delivery is the vehicle for your aims: to engage with you and use scenarios which relate to the issues you and your audience face in your everyday lives.  Audiences go away with a fresh perspective, having seen how approaching a challenge with different behaviour can make all the difference and generate new passion for success.




















































Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. For those of you who know Steve, you will understand that it is difficult to put all of his attributes and accomplishments into a few web pages.


So experience Steve Live for yourself!

Motivational and Inspirational Public Speaking

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I inspire everyday people to see their greatness.

I speak to international audiences and work well with translators.

I motivate young people by boosting their confidence, teaching the importance of behaviour, punctuality and attendance, and unlocking their unique identity.