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Because quality is important to us!

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Born in London, England 1986 in an area best known at that time for gun & knife crime, drugs and at-risk youth, Steve overcame insurmountable odds, stood in the gap as a voice of hope, and founded Better Days Global. Steve has authored twelve books which include his autobiography 'Unashamed, The Love Manual, The Suicide Note, Better Days et al. He has travelled the world as a Speaker and Coach. His message is rooted in his own story of abuse, affliction, addiction, bereavement; including the loss of his Daughter, sickness, mental health illness and depression.

These misfortunes were the prerequisite to him wanting to serve other people who may suffer within their own lives. Through his services and programmes, Steve shares his message of hope, love and joy, coaching clients from diverse backgrounds, and is passionate about helping those who have suffered trauma, adverse circumstances, and a loss of identity.

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The art of the physical book remains. Their physical forms and visual aspect broadcast messages before we even approach or open them. Some indulge in the variety and forms of typography with the dancing line of the authors brush; others delight in pigment on carefully chosen papers.

Books have functions unconnected with the texts or images they bear. The physical shapes of such works prepare us for discovery, and with this you have the tactile sense of progress which aids the reader, providing more fixity and solidity to their sense of unfolding the story of the artist who held the pen.



Our covers are vibrant, high quality and durable.

We understand the memories, significance and experiences that books contain, and so we create high-end products to match the experience of that which you read. The first questions we ask ourselves in the design process are; is this a book we'd like to carry in our hands when travelling? and; will it occupy bedside tables worldwide?

We use FSC certified, lead-free, acid-free, buffered 118 gsm paper, make from wood-pulp. Our paper meets the ISO 9706 standard for permanent paper. As such, every book you purchase from Steve Whyte Publishing will last several hundred years when stored in an optimal environment.


When Steve steps on the platform, he has the unique ability of captivating groups of people from all walks of life. His articulate dialogue, partnered with his intimate and positive energy, allows for lives to be changed, hearts to be spoken to, passions to be ignited and hope to be a reality.

His ability to make audiences feel as though it is only him and them in conversation, magnifies the impact of his message. From Europe, UK, Austrailia, Africa and the USA, many have experienced the powerful moment when Steve says his famous words, 'I wish you better days'.

You should too.

Invite Published Author and International Speaker Steve Whyte to speak at your event in the UK, US and Worldwide. Whether your audience is Professional, Creative, Themes, Educational etc, Steve is the perfect choice for your event, and always has maximum impact.. His calm and layed back approach is what makes him unique, and he empowers your audience without screaming and shouting cliche affirmations.


Do you know what your brand says about you? Do you realize you already have a brand in the public eye?  If you’re not sure where you stand, you could be leaving money and impact on the table. In today’s market, creating a unique brand is crucial to your business success. Public impression, social media savvy and press visibility can directly affect your bottom line, but the most important element to me is: presentaton.

It is not the ideas that people have that prevent them from succeeding, but their presentation of the ideas. Throughout Steve's career, he has mastered the art of polishing brands and developing elite professionality. His substantial experience in Public Relations, Graphic Design and Brand Strategy, Development and Management, allows you a rare opportunity to work with a respected insider who knows your business first-hand, and the best part is; you don't have to make all of the mistakes he has.

Today, companies must stand for something in order to effectively influence choice. These days, potential customers have ever increasing expectations for quality. Companies are bound by reputation and performance. So it goes without saying that branding is an essential component to the process of meeting the demands that people have for excellence.


Better Days Global: As a collaborative organisation, we create and curate quality information, courses, products and resources, to support people with how to live a better life for a better world. We believe that everyone has a story, and we like to play a role within the pages of those within our network.

Visit: better-days.co.uk for more info, or just click here to navigate to the Better Days Global Website

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...the story is an essential part of everything that I teach, the people who I inspire and the lives that I encounter.


- steve whyte

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