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By Steve Whyte, Aug 26 2017 06:34PM

Whether it is unconstructive habits, relationships, friendships or destructive commitments, there comes a time in life where in order for us to grow and step into our new self, we must let go. Letting go isn’t always easy as our branches get accustomed to holding onto seasonal plants and fruits, however, as the seasons change, the holding onto of out of season harvest can prevent and delay our new season and potential for new growth. Many times in life we come to points where we feel heavy, weighed down and overwhelmed by the plethora of commitments that we periodically carry. In these moments it is essential that we check ourselves and do somewhat of a life audit, filing the accounts of our wellbeing. The essentiality of this task is an understatement when we consider how quickly we habitually conform to unhealthy patterns of life.

As a keen gardener who lives in the countryside, I take great pleasure as I stand in my garden observing the lack of resistance within each plant and tree. Some know that they were annuals and that their cycle is coming to an end, some fear not as they are perennials and will be back next year, and some know they will keep their foliage amidst losing their flowers and unpicked fruit. I observe their patterns, their ability to grow throughout the summer as I prune, top and removed the dead heads. I liken this process to life itself. Sometimes we have dead situations that need trimming, sometimes we will be blessed with a new stem of hope, sometimes we will have to wait, but most of all, the season directs us as God permits.

Every year I witness the amazing act of the trees letting go, and every year it reminds me that not all things are for all seasons. This simple gesture of the plants turns my thoughts inward. Shifting winds blow away what is no longer needed. Nature is pruning, composting, and transforming life into what appears to be dormancy. I myself am compelled to let go in autumn. I am ready for stillness. I am ready for reflection. I am ready to wind down in the final quarter so I am at my best the moment before the buzzer sounds. My previous season prepared me for this moment and it is time to process. What destructive thoughts do you need to left go of? What commitment is preventing you from enjoying life? Where can you find balance? Are your branches too heavy?

It is easy to get caught in the melancholy of change. It is a strange place of unpredictability. When you file your report from your life audit, you may have to face some uncomfortable truths. Habitual mediocrity doesn’t look as harmful from branch levels. By stepping back and viewing the full tree, golden brown foliage sheds light on the conditions we have allowed out of perspective. Change isn’t comfortable, but when we resist, we experience the most discomfort. Remember in the midst of your metamorphosis that, it is in the art of letting go that new life is made possible. Those falling leaves are not perishing into the realm of nothing-ness; they are distilling into something that will fuel new growth and ultimately new life. Letting go means exposure, vulnerability, and a healthy dose of uncertainty. It means new things and we rarely know where new things lead. A new season requires a new mindset. When we change from thinking we need everything we have to realizing we have a plenty, it’s easier to let go. A new mindset will realign you and help you to be more accepting of what is, including some of the pain and dysfunction within your life.

I want you to know today that no matter how stuck you may be feeling, you can in fact transform into your greater self. God has a purpose in each season, and it is no coincidence that you are reading these very words right now. In the autumn, leaves fall from trees effortlessly. Following this cycle will allow you to connect with the will of God, to let go of whatever you can shed right now, without strain, resistance or struggle. The discomfort has its rewards, and you’ll see what your obedience and surrender did beneath the surface as you prepare for the awesomeness that is approaching in spring.

This is not how your story ends;

Written Steve Whyte

Twitter: @iamstevewhyte


Better Days

By Steve Whyte, Aug 16 2017 11:26AM

GCSE's, wow I remember the stress like it was yesterday. Well, it wasn't. In fact it was 15 years ago that I sat in a parents evening listening to my English teacher speak with such a defeated tone about her expectations for me and my life, based on my subpar mock exam results. I wasn't the greatest English student, or Maths, or Science. Ok you get the picture. However, I didn't revise as I was too busy drawing, making music or scrolling through teletext looking for jokes. For the young people out there who don't know what teletext is: it is like Google just much slower!

Now, although I was thriving in other areas such as drama and music, my creative endeavours were never encouraged, and so algebra was forced down my throat. Even worse, this same teacher turned to my sister in parents evening and said "I've done everything I can with Steve, it's too late and it's impossible to move up 3 grade in 6 months, you've got a degree, you help him" Ha, yes welcome to 2002 Schooling in the borough of........ (Dare I Say)

It motivated me to study hard and prove her wrong and it resulted in me passing my exams, continuing into the 'normal' pattern of study and became a 9-5 worker. As I progressed in life and ultimately became an entrepreneur and my own boss, I realised that I could have reached my dreams a lot sooner if my skills and creativity were rewarded and recognised. Yes the syllabus is useful and yes general knowledge is essential, but with us all being so uniquely made and embedded with a plethora of gift, surely we cannot all be taught the same.

I am of the opinion that university, isn't for everyone. Some people have the patience to write 3000 word assignments, some have the patience to sit in front of a piano and work out a musical score. We've heard of the 10,000 hour rule which is the time investment to master a gift, skill or subject, and many young people have already invested this time in an area but they do not have the right systems around them to advance.

2017, and here I stand as a 12x Author (my English didn't turn out so bad after all) and now I look at my own children who I have given no limits, no ceilings and have no desire to force an already created systemised identity onto them. Instead I give them aspirations and encourage their creativity, because no test or exam can calculate the value behind that inherit uniqueness.

So three points to consider as we put our faith in the new generation.

1. They are not us

To see our young people excel in life and thrive, we must understand that they have their own value. We must not force our agendas onto them and must not limit them to our own life experiences, successes and failures. Give them room to learn, express and develop their own path.

2. Young people have a voice

When we consider giving young people a voice, it's like our roles are being threatened. Yes, we should desire for the next generation to outdo us and go further than we have. It is our duty to share our knowledge without expecting it to be their blueprint. We must listen to their ideas, consider their proposals and encourage their creative endeavours.

3. They are not the future, they are the present

Yes that's right, the future isn't promised. We need to invest into young people today as today is the first page of their story in the history books. This begins in our homes with how we love, teach, and discipline our own children and effectively flows into schools and then life in the real world.

So, teachers and parents, while you worry about 11+ results, GCSE, A Level and University acceptances, please don't overlook the gifts in your young people right in front of your eyes.

...and young people, while you have the right to create your own path, don't neglect the knowledge of those who have gone before you. Adjust your millennial filters and maximise on the wisdom before you. Know that you are more than a test score, a grade or a class set. Go and grab your world.

This is not how your story ends;

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