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Redefine who you want to be in the next season of your life!

Bring about positive, purposeful and significant changes to add residual quality to your life.


Recalibrate Your World

Better Days is designed to work with people just like you, who have a desire to recalibrate, refocus and improve their quality of life in a positive, productive and significant way. With specialised techniques and our proven methods, we ensure that our community of members, perceive, explore and experience life in a new and transformative way. We believe that the mundane routine of life can often prevent the best of us from seeing the crucial pieces of the puzzle that we are missing out on. Often we are only a few pieces away from living the life we envision, but we cannot recognise them when they presents themselves, and often miss out on them completely. Our role at Better Days is to declutter your life and enable you to see your blind spots, opportunities and to position you to pursue life with unlimited perspective and scope.


We specialise in identifying, enhancing, and igniting the greatness that lay dormant within you. We our member first approach, we place our relationships with our members at the top of our list. Whether it is your personal or professional life, we have identified key elements and essentials for living a full and productive life. We will help you to compartmentalise your life, bring a greater clarity behind everything you engage in, and instill positive and proactive methods that facilitate the freedom to be at ease, perform with excellence and never overwhelmed. These best part is that all of our methods are transferable and most importantly, we believe in impacting multiple areas at once.


At Better Days we believe that you are only ever a few pieces of information away from tapping into the realm of greatness. Many of our daily obstacles can be overcome and roadblock can be worked around with the right acess to information, guidance and experience. We believe in helping people to unlock that which they do not already know about themselves and empowering them to live a fruitful life in their new discovery. With both practical and clinical experience, we get to the root of 'problems', and create solutions. We are committed to greatness and excellence and this translates into the way our members live their lives. Better Days programs are designed to bring about changes and long lasting results that multiply in and of themselves.


Sound good to you? Then: Why Not?


We believe quality service is based in a culture of hope, respect, ethical behavior, and genuine caring for our members and our employees. We invest in the individual and never lose hope in the potential for personal growth and recovery of each person we serve. We value the creation of an inspired vision, clear priorities, pursuit of challenging goals, and maintenance of effort until these goals are achieved. We value a proactive, progressive, and creative approach to challenge and thrive. We utilize the latest research, experience and technology in our ongoing growth to improve the quality of the skills we teach. We value principle-centered decision-making, and act ethically in our relationships with our communities and members. We value individual relationships built on trust, mutual respect, and a sincere desire for personal growth and development. We care about people, we keep people informed, and we go beyond expectations in helping people feel safe, involved, and supported. We value the implementation of an integrated cycle of continuous improvement in all facets of life, and our goal is to "do the right things great."


We value participatory decision-making at all levels and the creation of multi-disciplinary high performance teams oriented toward common goals. We value creating a motivating environment in which our diverse, high-caliber staff can perform at their highest level. We assess the strengths and competencies of staff and provide quality ongoing training, continually developing the potential for leadership within our courses. We believe quality service is based in a culture of hope, respect, ethical behavior, and genuine caring for our members and our employees.


All people have the same basic needs. These needs include physiological survival, psychological awareness, affiliation and intimacy, a sense of worth, self-determination/control, fun, clarity and belief system.


Our vision is Greatness.

The 13th Hour Course

Better Days offers a practical experience and proven methods to living a more focused and fulfilled life. The 13th Hour Course uses simplified learning techniques, innovative methods for growth and unique perspective shifting lessons to transform how people see themselves, other people and life. Participants find themselves able to think and act beyond existing views and limits—in their personal and professional lives.


The course takes place over three consecutive days. Each day has a duration of 4 hours which is a total of 12 hours. The course is face to face and can be one to one or as a group (for families or businesses). There are options to study the course virtually via Skype.


Tuitions vary based on location and currency.



Participants are given an overview and an awareness of what to expect along the course, as well as tips and ideas for how to get the most out of each stage. Here is where tips are shared to ensure that participants get the most value, and life changing results in a short period of time.

Hour 1: Introduction & Overview:

In the Life Audit segment, we visit the notion that while we think we know ourselves, there are blindspots which prevent us from seeing the things we need to see. We break down 5 areas of life: Personal, Relationships, Career, Aspirations and Mindset. We gather data about each area using our Better Days Life Scale and identify the lense and filters that we view each through. An awareness of these filters and perspective, and a recognition of the striking limitations adopted that they impose, allows for a a better evaluation of were you are in life.

Hour 2: Life Audit:

With the collected data, we begin to explore different perspectives of your current belief systems, which enables us to better identify potential blindspots. We zoom out to examine the content of your life independently of the context, and find meaning in the narrative. We then repeat the process but alongside context, which then enables us to confirm or create meaning. Here is where we determine what we see and what we don’t see; what we consider and what we fail to notice; what reality we accept or what limitations we have exalted. From this viewpoint, the unknown will become clear and we can begin tackle the foundations by which they were created.

Hour 3: The Pixel Effect (Macro Level):

In this final segment for the day we examine stories and how we interpret and give meaning to the chapters prior to our meeting, We identify things you have given too much meaning to, and things you have not given enough to. We suggest that it is a human tendency to collapse what happened; with the story we tell about what happened. This collapsing happens so fast it becomes hard to separate the two, and we think of them as one and the same. Almost immediately, and certainly over time, the story we tell ourselves becomes the way it is—the reality we know. It limits what is possible in our lives, robbing us of much of our joy and effectiveness. When we are able to separate what happened from how we interpreted it, we discover that much of what we considered already determined, given and fixed, may in fact not be that way. Situations that may have seemed impossible, may actually be available to us. We find ourselves no longer limited by a finite set of options, and able to achieve what we want with new ease and enjoyment without self limiting interpretations.

Hour 4: The Interpretation:


Participants are given an opportunity to review Day 1 key elements before moving on to the topic of focus points. This segment stems from interpretations and here you learn how to take control of the perspective of any situation in life with new meaning. We create new narratives, meanings, motivations and focus points.

Hour 5: Focus Points:

In this segment we begin to piece all of the compartmentalise areas of your life back together but in an ordered and simplified fashion. This phase is where we detach the limitations and baggage of old, and spring clean the design of your life. We see your life as a large house with furniture; some things need to be recycled, some replaced, and perhaps you need to refurbish completly. Whatever the outcome from our prior process, we will act accordily to turning your life house into a home.

Hour 6: Order:

It is one thing to declutter, or to buy a new closet, but a new closet becomes the old closet if you fill it with old stuff. If you build your new house with bricks from the past you'll end up with the same house. This segment is all about putting together a detailed and coherent plan of action that can be executed in the 13th Hour. The planning phase doesn't just set open plans, rather instructions on how to have active plans that are a part of your daily walk.

Hour 7: Planning:

This final hour of Day 2 focuses on repositioning your mind for greatness. A plan without the right mindset is just a wish. Here is where we equipt you with seeds of habit that will enable you to live more deliberate with your goals. This hour is very intense as it combats false truths that you my have adopted about yourself, other people, and the world. This is the point on the course where you begin to see the limitations start to break away. We examine all of the obstacles and barriers that may be present in your life and create efficient ways to work around, through or over them.

Hour 8: Mindset:


We are now in the final stretch and we begin this part of the course but travelling back into the past. We begin to design our lives in the present by putting our past where it belongs. We use Psychological techniques to bring closure to past open emotions, open feelings, open dissapointments and open experiences. We close and remove doors of old before time traveling once again into another timezone that often causes us problems; the future.

Hour 9: Time Travel: The Past:

While many have heard about the negative effects of dwelling in the past, the same effect of living in the future is sometimes deemed less harmful. However, we understand the harm it can cause and so in this segment we will examine how much weight your future self has over you and if you have created an unhealthy attachment to the ream of 'one day'. Here will will zoom forward and shut the doors that need to be shut and locked away and recalibrate your perspecitive of what really matters and exists.

Hour 10: Time Travel: The Future:

This 11th segment and hour is all about now. We identify the most most important time in your life to make anything happen and prepare you with techniques to stay even keel and not to get too high or too low, too far back or too far forward. We begin to activate a new approach towards life, and submit to the new reality of limitlessness. We will work on how to be more productive at each moment, how to get the most and best out of each moment, and how to live a life that thankful, focused and locked in at each moment.

Hour 11: Time Travel: Now:

The first half of this final hour will involve us pulling everything together and preparing for your 13th Hour. This is where we reboot the hard drive of your yesterday and install a brand new program called: life. This is where you begin to live your better days with a clearer, more focused and aware sence of purpose. You then have the opportunity to ask any questions, and we then go on to your certificate presentation which is more of a marking point for you, which symbolises your new day. It also acts as a reminder for you of this amazing process that you committed to and completed.


Then you're ready for your 13th Hour.

Hour 12: The Graduation:


Not understanding where you are in life can be frustrating but

with a little guidance, you can turn your tears of dissatisfaction into tears of joy.


A personal and professional assessment course designed to identify potential blindspot, bring clarity to some of lifes key elements, and break attachments to emotional and mental strongholds. The course has 12 one hour segments broken down over 3 days which cover a range of topics including; perspective, interpretation, focus, order, planning, mindset, unhealthy attachments to both the past and future, and designing life from an unlimited view point.


The kind of people who participate in Better Days Courses are those who want more out of their lives. Those who  need clarity and a fresh perspective. Those who need help with creating balance and open to correction. Others are people who have great ideas and ambitions but need an overall recalibration to create a shift in their paths of life.


They are people who want to know how to avoid or navigate their way through plateaus. Whether personal or professional, our members all have one things in common; a desire for more. Many are not aware of what the more is, but leave being more aware and prepared to execute life in a more clear and efficient way.


Our 13th Hour Course is also tailored for young people (8-12) and teenagers (13-17), which instills confidence, inspiration and aspirations. This course leaves young people and teens empowered to be respectful, responsible and prepared for their lives. It opens up the possibilities, unlocks potential and gives an outside non-biased approach towards being a responsible young person. It's material is relatable and improves behaviour, organisation, punctuality and attendance, and teaches how to deal effectively with others. The course can be run in schools, colleges and even within family circles.


* Required

In this 13th Hour, young people will have the opportunity to see themselves in an enhanced way with a fresh perspective about what is imporant. It improves their ability to:


- Enhance their appreciation for families and peers

- Deal with peer pressure and make great choices

- Build a good but fun foundation

- Understand the importance of education

- Be comfortable being who they are



The 13th Hour for teenagers, will share life changing methods and skills that will enable them to see themselves in an enhanced way with a fresh perspective about what is imporant and their role in the future of this world. It improves their ability to:


- Enhance their appreciation for families and peers

- Plan for their futures

- Make good habits by doing the right things

- Understand the importance of education

- Be comfortable being who they are

We understand that young people are not the future, they are the present, and so we equip them with a canvas, some paints and give them the freedom to paint the future.