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I M P A C T I N G   T H E   W O R L D   O N E   M I N D   A T   A   T I M E


Steve is one of the most inspiring, engaging, and sought after speakers in the world.

His presentations engage and inspire audiences by capturing lessons from his own life and adventures around the world. Steve's essential messaging focuses on the mind and how to be more optimistic, more positive and aware of solutions.


Harnessing the power of adversity, Steve often shares his story of how he overcame a plethora of storms to transform his life in 5 years.


Steve delivers speeches and workshops that are inspiring, interactive and informative, designed to help participants take immediate action. Each speech is customized to fit your target audience and can be delivered as a keynote, conference breakout session, or virtual presentation/webinar. Through Steve's lived experience, he has explored and defined what it means to live a life of joy, hope and purpose, describing it as a map we build to navigate and to pursue a life that matters beyond our own lifetimes. Central to this journey is a mindset to continually challenge ourselves to grow and evolve. Steve's inspirational speaking career has taken him around the world to Australia, South Africa, throughout Europe and the United States to name a few of his inspiring tour destinations.

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Our identity is the fundamental part of living our purpose

Daily, we see our reflection and make judgments about ourselves often based on our past experiences or how other people define us. We lose ourselves when we become like the world around us and when we compare ourselves to others.The world tells us that we need to look a certain way, get certain grades and be something that we are not to be successful, but God created you different for a reason. It is time to put on our crown and be the ‘Kings & Queens’ that God so perfectly designed us to be.


In ’Rebel’, Steve Whyte helps you to realign your thinking, refocus your motives and build from a place of authenticity so you can be who you were created to be.

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"We are living in a world where many of us are bombarded with negativity and this affects us and oftentimes our efforts to living our dreams.

I want to show as many people as possible that with the right information and guidance, we can all win" - Steve Whyte


'Victory Is A Mindset Long Before It's A Result' is Steve's coaching philosophy which focuses on taking an entrepreneurial approach to creating a happier and healthier life by training your mind to think more victorious which then enables you to execute your actions without limitation. It takes you through a step-by-step process to break down self-imposed barriers (bad habits, insecurities, negative attitudes), get clear about your goals, and develop customized action steps to help you create a happier life whether it be personal or professional. Steve works with people from all walks life who want to turn their lives around. He coaches top executives and business leaders, entrepreneurs, struggling parents, young people, young offenders, business teams, sports figures, teachers, dieters, writers, creatives, administrators and everyone in between. Steve works with those who want to make major life changes, those in transition, those who know exactly what they want and those who don’t.


Over the last 10 years, Steve has developed and run highly successful brands and quality training programs for large organizations, small businesses, and nonprofits. Steve after achieving huge success within his own brand launched company Brand Central as a platform to assist others. Because of his own success he is passionate about helping your organization to better utilize, motivate, and retain your high value employees, bring new ideas to the table  as well as provide branding strategies and services to enhance what you already have.


Steve offers high-value facilitated workshops and interactive training sessions that encourage multi-generational collaboration and fosters individual and organizational success. Services include Commuication, Social Media Strategies, Resilence, Mindset and team building strategies.


Each coaching session ranges between 30mins and 2hours.

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"I absolutely love coaching people and seeing how transformational it can be.

As a Life Coach, I take my role very seriously as it is your life we are talking about here.

My coaching style and philosophy is warm, challenging, non-judgmental, honest and fun.

I can promise I will be utterly focused on you and passionately ‘for’ you, growing with you as you progress."


Are you interested in Booking Steve to speak at your event? Fill out the form below and we will do our best to facilitate your request.

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