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by steve whyte

In his most powerful and provocative book yet, bestselling author Steve Whyte, reveals everything Men and Women need to know about loving and understanding what it takes to make a relationship, marriage and family work. He shows that respect, class, etiquette and dignity is the true meaning of sexy. If you're a man, read this book to learn what you can do to be a Woman's dream come true. If you're a Woman, read this to learn more about yourself and how to become a better Woman, and give it to the Man you love, so you can have the relationship you've always wanted.
















Single, Married or Somewhere In-Between!


Everyone alive is in one of these categories. You should know which one you are currently in, but if you don’t, through reading The Love Manual, you will discover more truths about yourself than ever before. This Manual has been carefully put together to bridge the gap between Men and Women addressing daily issues that we all face from day-to-day. Everyone wants to experience pure love and wants to have their happy ever after. This is the start of that story. We are the generation that can bring the focus of love and etiquette back into the spotlight.


The Love Manual is two books in one which includes

"A Woman's Worth and A Father's Love".

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An exceptional masterpiece by an exquisite writer




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The Love Manual [Paperback]



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“Steve Whyte is an international inspiration! Thank you for allowing God to use you, I’ve been truly blessed by you!”

- Michelle Williams (Singer, best known for being one-third of R&B Group Destiny’s Child)


“This book is incredible, humbled to have read it in advance. Learned so much as a woman about myself and men: 5*”

- Camilla Long (TheTimes)


“Clearly chivalry isn’t dead, my man Steve documents FACTS ONLY and shows the Ladies that it’s not too late for love.”

- Keith Sweat (Award-winning Singer, Producer and Songwriter)


“Steve Whyte is a young man destined for great things and shows daily that he is tremendously gifted and blessed with speech and encouragement.”- Steve Harvey (Award-winning Actor, Comedian, Author and Radio-Personality)


“Love is the foundation of who we are. Praises for Steve Whyte who understands that well and gives us a guide for us to learn and grow.”- Stacey Speller (Author and Speaker -  ICAN John Maxwell Company)


“This book is very profound, opened my eyes to truth and birthed the gift of freedom from within, a must read for all Ladies.”- Michelle Haggins (NY Times)


“Encouraged me to work on being more aligned with my thoughts and how they correlate with my actions. I have learned to always be a giver of love but to make sure I give to those who are worthy of my love, time and respect.”

- Nicole Rush (Former LA Lakers Girl, Choreographer)


“OMG *teary eyes* after reading The Love Manual...speechless. Thank you. Steve is so brilliant, so much to learn from him.”- Veronica Malebye (Fox News)


“Thank you so much, Steve! :)” - Mandy Hale (Creator of The Single Woman, Author)


“I mean if you’re a human being, you have to read this book. He is like what humanity needs. You’re the best Steve! I love you!.”- Boity Thulo (Actress, Model, South Africa’s Queen of Entertainment)


“Thank you for answering the call and allowing our Creator to use you.”

- Barbara A. Crooks (Founder of The Brooklyn Chronicles)

Bestselling author of Bereolaesque & Gentlewoman

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