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Steve Whyte is the CEO of Better Days Global, is a 13x Author, is Certified in Life-Coaching, Counselling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).


Born in London, England 1986 in an area best known at that time for gun & knife crime, drugs and at-risk youth, Steve overcame insurmountable odds, stood in the gap as a voice of hope, and founded Better Days Global. Steve has authored thirteen books which include his autobiography 'Unashamed, The Love Manual, The Suicide Note, Better Days et al. He has travelled the world as a Speaker and Coach. His message is rooted in his own story of abuse, affliction, addiction, bereavement; including the loss of his Daughter, sickness, mental health illness and depression. These misfortunes were the prerequisite to him wanting to serve other people who may suffer within their own lives. Through his services and programmes, Steve shares his message of hope, love and joy, serving clients from diverse backgrounds, and is passionate about helping those who have suffered trauma, adverse circumstances, and a loss of identity.


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The art of the physical book remains. Their physical forms and visual aspect broadcast messages before we even approach or open them.


Some indulge in the variety and forms of typography with the dancing line of the authors brush; others delight in pigment on carefully chosen papers. Books have functions unconnected with the texts or images they bear.


The physical shapes of such works prepare us for discovery, and with this you have the tactile sense of progress which aids the reader, providing more fixity and solidity to their sense of unfolding the story of the artist who held the pen.

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As the CEO of Better Days Global, I have developed Personal Development Courses for Adults, Youth, Families and Businesses, which include aspects of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, but also that which intergrates Counselling into the syllabus. By working together via Skype or face-to-face, during hour-long sessions, we’ll dig up the roots of what’s keeping you stuck. What to expect? A fresh perspective, identified blindspots, encouragement, support and some home truths all given in love. We explore who you are, what you're living for, what is blocking you, and how to recalibrate your world—so that you can fully understand why you do and think the things that you do—while looking at what you actually want from your life, what’s going on inside of your mind, and most importantly, how you can start making changes that lead you to Better Days.

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Steve's many and varied roles have taken him around the world to remote, exotic and even dangerous places. His message is simple; victory is a mindset long before it's a result. Steve will work with you to build a theme for your event or to build a talk around your message, seamlessly infusing it with his trademark passion, gentleness, inspiration and methodical approach, wrapped in love.


You can expect an original and innovative take on your problem, theme or suggestion and, with that, buckets of motivational energy. Steve recounts tales of his varied and interesting life, and draws them back to your message, with engaging dialogue for good measure, to keep the audience listening. Audiences can benefit from Steve's valuable insight and practical advice, and his presence at events helps inspire and stimulate people at all levels.


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