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Invite Published Author and International Speaker Steve Whyte to speak at your event in the UK, US and Worldwide. Whether your audience is Professional, Creative, Themed, Educational etc, Steve is the perfect choice for your event and always has maximum impact. His calm and layed back approach is what makes him unique, and he empowers your audience without screaming and shouting cliche affirmations.

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At Better Days Global Academy, we provide personal development courses to empower, inspire and educate people from all walks of life. We work with educational establishments, businesses and individuals, who aim to experience their better days. Our courses are tailored to the needs of those whom we work with, and we are flexible with our material. For more information on the courses we deliver, click through to be directed to the Better Days Global Site.

If you are interested in getting started with my consultancy, whether it be: Branding, Author Support, The Better Days Course, or Personal Life-Coaching, feel free to contact me at any time and I will be sure to get back to you.

Steve Whyte. A 12x Pubished Author, Inspiratonal Speaker, Creative & Founder of Better Days Global. Born in London, England 1986 in an area best known at that time for gun & knife crime, drugs and at risk youth.


While being written off by teachers, a career ending injury, affliction, addiction, abuse, bereavements; including the loss of his Daughter, sickness and bouts of depression, Steve overcame insurmountable obstacles and dedicated his life to serving people. Steve works with individuals who want to move forward in life, and those finding it difficult to overcome obstacles, make decisions, or to find their way.

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Allow me to paint you a picture.

You’re sitting in the absolute worst seat in a concert hall. You can barely see the speaker, and your neck is craned to an angle that is sure to inflict pain the following morning. And yet, you don’t care. You don’t even notice. You are so enraptured in the words and art leaving the speakers mouth that only the presentation matters. You can feel the people around you moving their heads or tapping their feet. Nearly every member in the audience is leaning forward in their chair. This isn’t game 7 of the World Series, or game 7 of the NBA Finals, there is no elimination or tension– there is merely the magical ability of a speaker to grab your attention in a felt covered vice-grip. You should experience it.


Send me a prayer request here

I believe that there is power in prayer, and sometimes, we need others to stand in the gap for us. For this reason I'd love to pray for you and your need right now.

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....and it’s more than difficult to explain what happens as the ideas are downloaded in this spirit of mine. Sparks collide with the passion running through my bloodstream which ignites the fuel deposited within me. The pen is a tool which flows as I flow and the ink a manifestation of the core of my heart. Each word on each page is art in itself which causes a gallery to display the goodness of the Creator. I take no such credit for masterpieces Holy Ghost written from Heavenly places, but I am proudly humbled that He’d use me. Oxymoron. The things of the Spirit often do not make sense, but I stay obedient to the canvas of purpose and have stayed diligent to the call with answers. Knowing fully well that this ink does run out and as I look at this page and prepare to close this book, I’m content with the different tones of black and white which speak so loudly without distractions.


I thank God for choosing me. To Him be ascribed all of the Glory.

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Get the insight, strategies, tools and branding that you need to drive your business to the next level.



Now is the time to get your life in sync, with professional guidance, support, and non-judgemental life coaching.



B O O K  S T E V E




V I S I T  B O O K S T O R E


Their physical forms and visual aspect broadcast messages before we even approach or open them. Some indulge in the variety and forms of typography with the dancing line of the authors brush; others delight in pigment on carefully chosen papers. Books have functions unconnected with the texts or images they bear.


The physical shapes of such works prepare us for discovery, and with this you have the tactile sense of progress which aids the reader, providing more fixity and solidity to their sense of unfolding the story of the artist who held the pen.

V I S I T  B O O K S T O R E


Because quality is important to us!

We use FSC certified, lead-free, acid-free, buffered 118 gsm paper, made from wood-based pulp. Our paper meets the ISO 9706 standard for permanent paper. As such, every book you purchase from Steve Whyte Publishing will last several hundred years when stored in an optimal environment.

Our covers are vibrant, high quality and durable. We understand the memories, significance and experiences that books contain, and so we create high-end products to match the experience of that which you read. The first questions we ask ourselves in the design process are; is this a book we'd like to carry in our hands when travelling? and; will it occupy bedside tables worldwide?

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