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Public Speaking

Steve Whyte. A 12x Pubished Author, Inspiratonal Speaker, Creative & Founder of Better Days Network. Born in London, England 1986 in an area best known at that time for gun & knife crime, drugs and at risk youth. While being written off by teachers, a career ending injury, affliction, addiction, abuse, bereavements; including the loss of his Daughter, sickness and bouts of depression, Steve overcame insurmountable obstacles and dedicated his life to serving people. Steve works with individuals who want to move forward in life, those finding it difficult to overcome obstacles, make decisions, or to find their way.


The art of the physical book remains. Their physical forms and visual aspect broadcast messages before we even approach or open them. Some indulge in the variety and forms of typography with the dancing line of the authors brush; others delight in pigment on carefully chosen papers. Books have functions unconnected with the texts or images they bear. The physical shapes of such works prepare us for discovery, and with this you have the tactile sense of progress which aids the reader, providing more fixity and solidity to their sense of unfolding the story of the

artist who held the pen.


Allow me to paint you a picture.

You’re sitting in the absolute worst seat in a concert hall. You can barely see the speaker, and your neck is craned to an angle that is sure to inflict pain the following morning. And yet, you don’t care. You don’t even notice. You are so enraptured in the words and art leaving the speakers mouth that only the presentation matters. You can feel the people around you moving their heads or tapping their feet. Nearly every member in the audience is leaning forward in their chair. This isn’t game 7 of the World Series, or game 7 of the NBA Finals, there is no elimination or tension– there is merely the magical ability of a speaker to grab your attention in a felt covered vice-grip. You should experience it.


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T H E  1 3 T H  H O U R  C O U R S E

is a 3 Day Course with a total duration of 12 Hours, that's 4 Hours per day; the course is designed to identify where you are, equip you with what you need, and finally position you to execute life in it's fullness in your 13th Hour.


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Style encompasses one of the more playful aspects of human nature, as good dressers seldom happen by accident. There’s a lovely complexity that lives in simplicity that always fascinates me as a designer. Fashion changes, however style is unique to the individual. I believe that all the decisions that go into a garment are so closely related to all the decisions that come with applying paint to a canvas. I see fashion as being a very high art form, where the artist gives the gallery the creative control over how they present it. Style. When someone's book matches the colors of their shoes, you'll then see that everything on this website is carefully connected and methodically interlinked, crafted and tailored for you.



As your Consultant I will provide 100% unconditional support, commitment and belief in all that you want to achieve and who you are. I provide a confidential listening ear that has no agenda. I provide practical tools and proven methods to help you to become the best version of yourself.


If you are interested in getting started with my consultancy, whether it be: Branding, Author Support, The Better Days Course, or Personal Life-Coaching, feel free to contact me at any time and I will be sure to get back to you.



Author Coach / Publishing

Brand / Business Strategist

Life Coach / Mentor

I offer literary consultancy and coaching for writers. Do you have a book inside of you? Want to write a book but don't know where to start? Have a story to tell? If you answered yes to any to any of these questions, I want to work to support you as you develop a writing life that is engaging, sustainable and productive. I provide Author Coaching and Mentoring Services for ongoing support of your writing, offer Literary Consultancy for tailored manuscript assessment, Ghost Writing an Publishing Services.


I work with clients within flexible durations; from one off hourly sessons, to fixed term periods from 3 months to a full year. My aim is to transform the way an individual writer approaches his or her work and to ensure that my clients make substantial and rewarding progress during our time together; I am there to ensure my clients reach their writing goals with pleasure and ease.

Do you know what your brand says about you? Do you realize you already have a brand in the public eye?  If you’re not sure where you stand, you could be leaving money and impact on the table. In today’s market, creating a unique brand is crucial to your business success. Public impression, social media savvy and press visibility can directly affect your bottom line, but the most important element to me is: presentaton. It is not the ideas that people have that prevent them from succeeding, but their presentation of the ideas.


Throughout my career I have mastered the art of polishing brands and developing elite professionality. My substantial experience in Public Relations, Graphic Design and Brand Strategy and Development, allows you a rare opportunity to work with a respected insider who knows your business first-hand, and the best part is; you don't have to make all of the mistakes I have.

...and it’s more than difficult to explain what happens as the ideas are downloaded in this spirit of mine. Sparks collide with the passion running through my bloodstream which ignites the fuel deposited within me. The pen is a tool which flows as I flow and the ink a manifestation of the core of my heart. Each word on each page is art in itself which causes a gallery to display the goodness of the Creator. I take no such credit for masterpieces Holy Ghost written from Heavenly places, but I am proudly humbled that He’d use me. Oxymoron. The things of the Spirit often do not make sense, but I stay obedient to the canvas of purpose and have stayed diligent to the call with answers. Knowing fully well that this ink does run out and as I look at this page and prepare to close this book, I’m content with the different tones of black and white which speak so loudly without distractions.


I thank God for choosing me. To Him be ascribed all of the Glory.


...and then I put the pen down and gazed upon the journey,

and just like that I knew it was over.



I’m a certified coach with years of experience helping thousands of people to experience their best lives. I’ve learned how to help other people lead better lives through the lessons I’ve learned by living my own.


By working together via Skype or face-to-face, during hour-long sessions, we’ll dig up the roots of what’s keeping you stuck. What to expect? A fresh perspective, identified blindspots, encouragement, support and some home truths all given in love. My Coaching explores who you are, what you're living for, what is blocking you and how to recalibrate your world—so that you can fully understand why you do and think the things that you do—while looking at what you actually want from your life, what’s going on inside of your mind and most importantly, how you can start making changes that lead you to Better Days.


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Redefine who you want to be in the next season of your life!

Bring about positive, purposeful and significant changes to add residual quality to your life.



Recalibrate Your World

Better Days is designed to work with people just like you, who have a desire to recalibrate, refocus and improve their quality of life in a positive, productive and significant way. With specialised techniques and our proven methods, we ensure that our community of members, perceive, explore and experience life in a new and transformative way. We believe that the mundane routine of life can often prevent the best of us from seeing the crucial pieces of the puzzle that we are missing out on. Often we are only a few pieces away from living the life we envision, but we cannot recognise them when they present themselves, and often miss out on them completely. Our role at Better Days is to declutter your life and enable you to see your blind spots, opportunities and to position you to pursue life with unlimited perspective and scope.


We specialise in identifying, enhancing, and igniting the greatness that lay dormant within you. With our member first approach, we place our relationships with our members at the top of our list. Whether it is your personal or professional life, we have identified key elements and essentials for living a full and productive life. We will help you to compartmentalise your life, bring a greater clarity behind everything you engage in, and instill positive and proactive methods that facilitate the freedom to be at ease, perform with excellence and never be overwhelmed. The best part is that all of our methods are transferable and most importantly, we believe in impacting multiple areas at once.

Registrations Opening Soon!

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Our courses offer practical performance training, aimed at both adults and young people. We have programs for Ages (8-12) from (13-17) and adults who want to thrive both personally and professionally. We also work with corporate entities and provide leadership training. Designed to bring about positive, and impactful change within the foundations of your life — in just three days, over 4 sessions and 12 hours.

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Affordable courses, mentoring, coaching and support with flexibale payment options. Intensive packages to ensure high value for money. Spread the cost with our flexible payment scheme. We now offer more payment options with the introduction of PayPal, giving you more flexibility with paying for your course.

We specialise in identifying, enhancing, and igniting the greatness that lay dormant within you. We our member first approach, we place our relationships with our members at the top of our list. We want to see you happy, well balanced and thriving in all areas of your life, and our high performance and achievement focus allows results to inevitably follow.

Flexible payment options

Courses to suit you

Tailored memberships

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